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Morrell Maxie Dress Sale

As a design house that prides itself with not just matching trends but setting them, Morrell Maxie has built an international reputation for creating top quality evening, bridal and prom wear. TheDressWarehouse makes these gowns available to you at a discounted price, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality or taste.

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Morrell Maxie 15910

Morrell Maxie 15910 Dress

50% OFF

Morrell Maxie has perfected the use of pattern and texture in evening wear. Using fabric details to tremendous effect, these formal wear pieces are designed for women who appreciate and understand the added interest these elements bring to their clothes.

A number of these gowns skim the floor, and some include sweeping trains. Coupled with dazzling beadwork, strategically-placed patterns or sparkling applique, these outfits are perfect for black tie formal events when the occasion demands that you are dressed to the most immaculate level.

A Morrell Maxie evening gown can comfortably grace any gala affair, red carpet event, prom or formal wedding. Several silhouettes and neckline shapes are available, ensuring that no physique is left out.

These gowns also come in a range of colors, from bold, primary hues to pastel, champagne or nude tones. Whether you prefer your gowns with sleeves or without, whether you want to display décolletage or cover up, there will be a Morrell Maxie gown that fits the bill.


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