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SK by Saiid Kobeisy Dresses on Sale

Slip into a SK by Saiid Kobeisy evening gown and the night is yours. This array of gorgeous evening gowns with high end details will make it difficult for any woman to choose only one! Embrace your inner glamour girl and evoke the prestige and beauty of a starlet on the red carpet.
Designer Saiid Kobeisy’s gorgeous dresses and gowns lend women of all walks of life an air of royalty, leaving everyone in their presence speechless. Few words can express the magical beauty, quality, and look of these dazzling dresses in illusion, metallic, or embroidered styles. From lovely strapless bow dresses to seductive mermaid gowns, there is something for everyone in Saiid’s collections, available at the TheDressWarehouse.
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Saiid Kobeisy RE3353

Saiid Kobeisy RE3353 Dress

39% OFF

About the Designer

Saiid Kobeisy’s Lebanese culture plays a crucial role behind his inspiration but is far from the only factor. This passionate dreamer and visionary wanted his own fashion brand back when he was a child. No obstacles in his path could deter him and his passion toward fashion. His personality is expressed in every detail of his extravagant and flamboyant gowns. His experience with foreign cultures also influences his products. Forging a dynamic connection between tradition and modernity, his elegant cuts, cascading silhouettes, and exquisitely handcrafted touches express every aspect of contemporary womanhood – a combination of charm, strength, passion, ambition, and fearlessness.

The Right Piece for Any Formal Event

The House of Saiid Kobeisy features three lines – bridal, haute couture, and ready-to-wear. The gorgeous, elite evening gowns are suitable for even the most formal event. Their lustrous embellishments and breathtaking silhouettes will make everyone stand up and take notice.

The designer’s works present a striking combination of opposites, where bold meets sensual, modern meets classic, and the unexpected meets the conventional. The House of Saiid never fails to introduce innovative pieces to the world, which border on works of art.

The latest collection features mermaid skirts, which are perfect for red carpet events, in modern or conventional styles.

Tailored to Excellence

Slim-bodied women look dazzling in sleek strapless dresses with prominent mermaid skirts, while fuller-bodied ones would do well to go for gowns with an elegant plunging V-neckline. Most of the gowns feature rich details like fiery stones and fine lace. Depending on body type and taste, you can choose between jewel necklines, asymmetrical shapes, strapless, or off-the-shoulder styles.

Different necklines complement different face shapes. Curved or asymmetrical necklines are more flattering to rounder faces, while V-necks complement oval ones. Saiid’s rich ruby or Bordeaux dresses are perfect for women of lighter skin color, while grey, off-white and cream-colored gowns are ideal for darker complexions.

Another factor to take into account is jewelry. The dazzling stones adorning some of these dresses will upstage even the most glamorous jewelry. If you’d like your jewelry to be at focus, choose a style with less embroidery.

The structured bodices are embellished by peplum details, winding beaded applique, and fine glittering rhinestones. Accessories are by no means mandatory given these fabulous details. In one of these unique, spectacular evening gowns, the spotlight is yours.

Each of Saiid’s gowns is balanced and designed in consideration of proportion. The more opulent pieces are ideal for a woman who wants to stand out. The contrast lace, ornate applique, and sheer tulle add marvelous touches to the formal dress collection. The applique pieces, adorned with life-like flowers and leaves, ensure that much-sought wow factor. Floral motifs and beaded details embellish the sheer overlay for a look that oozes style and elegance.

Of course, a divine look shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort, especially at a formal affair. The Lebanese designer’s collections offer structured silhouettes and bodices ensuring a perfect fit.   

Buy a Saiid Kobeisy at TheDressWarehouse

TheDressWarehouse has an endless variety of Saiid Kobeisy dresses in stock, and you’re sure to find a formal piece that’s perfect for your body type and personality. You’ll be the center of attention regardless of the event you’re planning to attend. Few fashionistas can boast to have feasted their eyes on another collection of such opulent gowns. The variety and flexibility of these dresses rival those of any collection on world fashion runways.

TheDressWarehouse is the only place where women channeling their inner diva can find such an enormous collection of affordable Saiid Kobeisy pieces online. It is proud and pleased to offer the high-end outfits by this internationally renowned couturier. Now is the time to grab the dress of your dreams at a bargain! Begin looking here today for the best choice for your formal event.

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