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Scala Dresses on Sale

Scala is synonymous for hand-beaded formal gowns. Sequins, beadwork or sparkling applique are once again the hallmark of this season’s collection, letting you bring shimmer and bling to your formal event. Beadwork means detail, and these gowns are meticulously finished. Los Angeles-based Scala has been making gowns for decades, and there are excellent reasons why it keeps attracting satisfied customers not just year after year, but generation after generation.

With their elegant shimmer, exquisite cut and fine workmanship, these gowns are perfect for black tie formal events. Shorter pieces make an elegant choice for homecoming and cocktail parties. The patterned beadwork enhances the cut of the gowns, making them flattering to a range of figure types. The available colors include perennial staples black and white as well as nude tones and bolder hues such as red, blue, green, purple, and maroon. The beadwork enhances the gowns’ base color with a magical layer of sparkle.

Hand-crafted designer formal wear such as this does not normally come cheap. Fans of Scala’s unique aesthetic will be glad to hear that TheDressWarehouse makes these pieces available at discounted prices. Browse our collection today to see how much you can save by buying your Scala formal wear gown at TheDressWarehouse.

Stunning Scala Designs

Scala designs come in many colors and forms, but one thing is true of all of them -- they are sleek, sophisticated and, more often than not, shimmering. These looks are gorgeous for both day and night, shining in the sun at a summer garden party or glistening under the moonlight. The designs and materials used on each piece lends an air of artistic flourish, of brilliance, and of a celebration of a woman’s form.

The majority of Scala designs are draped over the female form, not architecturally built around it. The fabrics slide along shoulders and arms, pool and fall away from the body to give the illusion of effortless grace. The majority of Scala color palettes include feminine blush tones such as dove grey, ballet pink and champagne, as well as darker hues in timeless black and deep navy. Regardless of which design you have your heart set on, there is sure to be a color available which will best complement your skin tone or style.

Scala at Events

Scala designs range from informal cocktail to black-tie formal. With such a wide range of selections, it is difficult to pinpoint any single event which Scala dresses would perform at better than others -- there are options for every single occasion, not just one. Many of the dresses are sleek and sophisticated, draping along the body. This is a look which can be kept simpler with light makeup and dainty jewelry. Or, it can easily transform into eye-catching glamor, with darker makeup and bolder pieces of jewelry. It’s all about knowing how to customize the dress to suit your needs. If you’re buying an investment dress which needs to function across many events, avoid a short hemline or plunging V-neck, as those design aspects may not translate well into very formal events.

Choosing Your Perfect Dress

When choosing a dress that best accents your features, there are a few things to keep in mind. For those that want to accentuate their curves, or give the illusion of them, an A-line dress will provide that nipped in waist and hourglass figure. If you want to appear taller, go for a halter-neck floor-length dress, which visually elongates your form. For those bigger on top, consider a mermaid or fluted skirt design to bring balance. And, for those who wish to show off their arms or shoulders, halter-neck or sleeveless dresses may be the best choice for you.

Buy Quality at Less

Right now, there’s a Scala Dress Sale at TheDressWarehouse, meaning you can get these gorgeous designs for a fraction of their price. TheDressWarehouse only sells high-end designer dresses at affordable, markdown prices. There’s no other business that sells discounted designer like we do. Shop our Scala Dress Sale and find the perfect Scala design for your shape, skin tone and event. A high-quality, stunning gown is waiting for you just a click away at TheDressWarehouse. We’d love to help you find your perfect match.

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