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Choosing the Perfect Silhouette

The latest trend in winning gowns involves loose-fitting silhouettes. Gowns with billowing trains were popular among contestants in 2018, in stark contrast to the figure-hugging silhouettes of the previous year.

To choose the perfect silhouette, one needs to take the type of pageant into account. For example, the for-profit Miss USA tends to feature brighter, tighter, flashier gowns with high slits, while the academia-oriented Miss America favors more modest dresses with more subdued color schemes.

It’s always a good idea to look at the history of the pageant you’re about to compete in and study past winners’ dresses. Take the trends into account, and create a theme for yourself because the judges will then be more likely to remember you (ex. you always wear white). “Miss” dresses are sexier than “Mrs.” dresses given the age difference. Last but not least, do not overlook your comfort, and stick to your budget – more on this later.  

Even within the frameworks of a pageant, body types can vary. There are six body types – hourglass, apple-shaped, busty, petite, slender, and pear-shaped. Slender types will obviously dominate pageants. Fitted dresses outline slender figures beautifully. A belted waist or symmetrical dress will look very flattering on you.

Solid Color or Patterned?

According to a study by Terani Couture, the winning color is white – it was worn by winners 25 times in the past decade. The runners-up are blue (12), yellow (7), and pink, red, and silver (6). All winning dresses at major pageants in the last ten years were a solid color with the exception of Miss Earth in 2008. Embellishments like sequins are relatively important – winning competitors tend to favor them.

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Contact our friendly support team so we can help you find your winning pageant dress without compromising on your resources. Do some research online to find styles and designers you like and make a list to help narrow down your search so you don’t end up with the wrong gown.

TheDressWarehouse has a tradition when it comes to winning pageant gowns. Dress styles by fashion houses available here have been worn by quite a few winners of local, national, and international pageants over the years!   

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