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Long Prom Dresses on Sale

For those searching for their perfect high-end dress but without the expensive budget, TheDressWarehouse is the perfect solution. We carry discounted long prom dresses so that more women can buy the high-end dresses of their dreams. Shop our gorgeous collection of long prom dresses at major discounted prices below:

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La Femme 28180 Dress

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Finding the Right Prom Style for You

For many, prom happens only once or twice. It’s important to find the right dress style for you, including shape, fit and color. Perhaps the most well-known of all prom dress shapes is the long prom dress. Sweeping to the floor in a grand gesture, there is so much elegance in the design of a long prom dress.

Three Things to Consider When Buying Your Prom Dress

When buying a long prom dress, there are three main things to consider.

  1. First, and perhaps most importantly, always try your dress on with the heels or shoes you will be wearing for prom - either in-store or as soon as you get it. The length of the dress should slightly graze the floor. If it’s any longer, there’s a good chance you will trip and no one wants that at prom! Make sure to just get your gown hemmed at an alterations shop.
  2. Second, notice if it has a slit or not. Some skirts don’t have slits, but others have slits that reach around the knee or higher. Make sure your dress fits within your school's guidelines so you can have a worry-free, magical night!
  3. Third, there is a good chance that your hemline will get dirty, either from sitting down or when you take your heels off and walking around at the end of the night. Choosing white or cream may make it difficult to clean later on while most other colors can hide small stains better, meaning you can wear it again and again. Consider what’s most important to you and find

High-End, Long Prom Dresses at TheDressWarehouse

We carry an entire range of cheap long prom dresses, starting from just $49. We have over 70 designs in just our long prom dress sale section alone. Dresses range from demure to sultry, demure to dramatic, bodycon to full skirt and pastels to vivid neons. We carry long gowns, short gowns, strapless, halter, sweetheart, mermaid, flute, and two-pieces. There are so many options that there is a style for everyone to find their perfect long prom gown.

For those searching for high-end prom dresses, TheDressWarehouse is your answer. TheDressWarehouse is the premier online marketplace for getting high-end designer dresses at discounted prices. There’s no other business that sells high-end designers for lower prices like we do. That’ why when you’re looking for your perfect dress, you want to have all of the high-end options you can have.

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated form-fitting gown, plus size gown or an ethereal flowy A-line, our clearance long prom dresses can help you find what you’re looking for without damaging your wallet. Browse our collections today. Our staff would love to help you find the perfect prom dress for your size, shape and fabulous style.

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