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Affordable Cocktail Dresses

TheDressWarehouse supplies a large range of cheap cocktail dresses from high-end dress designers. These pieces are available here at discounted prices all the time.

Slightly less formal than evening wear, cocktail dresses can be worn not just for cocktail parties but are appropriate for many other occasions. If the dress code specifies “cocktail,” it usually means you can wear a mini, knee-skimming or tea-length formal dress or pants suit. Showing some leg or décolletage is fine, but keep it tasteful. As a rule of thumb, expose either leg, décolletage, or back, but preferably not all at once.

Opt for cocktail wear at occasions where a sumptuous full-length evening gown would be overly formal. This could be a wedding, a date at a high-end restaurant, a dinner party or office party. It’s also fine to wear a cocktail dress for prom.

Cocktail dresses are distinct from daytime dresses because they will often be made from luxurious fabrics rather than cotton or linen, and may embellish these materials with sumptuous beadwork, sequins, or applique. Because cocktail outfits are appropriate for such a wide range of occasions, they can be extremely versatile pieces of formal wear. A well-crafted cocktail outfit should, therefore, be a wardrobe staple.


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