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Ball Gowns on Sale

Ball gowns are one of the most classic dress shapes for formal events. Commonly worn for black tie and white tie events, some styles -- such as the two-piece ball gown -- are also becoming quite popular. If you’re looking for a ball gown for a special event, you’re in the right place. TheDressWarehouse is the premier online marketplace for getting high-end designer dresses at discounted prices. There’s no other business that sells high-end designers for lower prices like we do.

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La Femme 27795CL Dress

La Femme 27795CL Dress

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Choosing the Perfect Ball Gown for any Event

To choose the correct ball gown for your situation requires a few key elements: event, dress code and season. Knowing the event which you are going to wear the dress to is of utmost importance. Not only due to any themes that the event may have, but also the dress code. For schools which host homecomings and proms, there are certainly dress code guidelines which should be taken into account for any skin which will be showing. For black and white tie events such as balls or galas, there are also recommended dress codes such as wearing elbow-length gloves, for instance. Also of importance is taking into consideration the season in which you’ll be wearing the dress. Thin fabrics will not keep you warm in winter, while thicker fabrics like velvet will.

Luckily, we at TheDressWarehouse carry an extensive collection of ball gowns. Our current ball grown dress sale is offering lower prices for high-quality pieces. We carry classic ball gowns which come in one piece as well as newer two-piece ball gowns which show a bit of skin at the midriff. While belly-baring ball gowns may not be acceptable for a white tie event, or even a black tie event, they may be perfectly fine for prom or homecoming.

Ball Gowns On Sale in Every Color and Style

Our ball gown collection also features all different colors and styles, with pastels, vibrant hues and classic blacks all mixed amongst each other. We also carry all necklines such as halter, boat, strapless, off the shoulder, sweetheart and crossed. Just make sure that whichever color and style you choose is something you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Ball Gown Tips

Two tips to keep in mind when buying a ball gown is to make sure you get it tailored to graze the floor in the heels or shoes you are wearing to your event. Otherwise, your long hemline just might trip you. Also, keep in mind that longer hemlines in white or cream may have a tendency to get dirty -- and visibly show it -- so other colors may provide better longevity.

Shop Discounted Ball Gowns at TheDressWarehouse

For those searching for high-end discount ball gowns, TheDressWarehouse is your answer. When you’re looking for your perfect dress, you want to have all of the high-end options available from different designers. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated ball gown or a modern two-piece ball gown, our clearance ball gowns collection can help you find what you’re looking for without damaging your wallet. Browse our collections today. Our staff would love to help you find the perfect ball gown for your size, shape and fabulous style.

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