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TheDressWarehouse has a variety of formal dresses on sale that fit the bill for your formal wear occasion. Designed by some of the world’s best fashion designers, these pieces are available here at great discounts. Browse among pieces by Mac Duggal, MNM Couture, Alyce Paris and Tarik Ediz and several other top designers to find the perfect formal outfit and show off your finely-tuned sense of taste and elegance.
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Black tie, semi-formal, evening wear, cocktail, or formal: the lines between the different grades of formal wear can sometimes be difficult to define.

Black tie is often synonymous with evening wear, and is the most formal of all formal wear. Full-length evening gowns with sumptuous fabrics and elaborate designs, such as what stars wear at the Oscars, would fall under this category. At the other end of the spectrum is cocktail wear, to which short dresses and pantsuits are appropriate.

“Formal” or “semi-formal” attire sits somewhere between black tie and cocktail wear. Floor-length dresses are fine, but without sweeping trains or overly lavish style accents. Short dresses may be appropriate as well, but these should have more embellishment or dramatic outlines than a regular cocktail dress. Pantsuits should ideally be left for cocktail wear.

Finding the Right Style

Finding the right dress to suit your skin tone and personal style can be a challenge at first. Luckily, it might actually easier than you think. When trying to pick a color which suits you, keep in mind favorite pieces which you’ve had in the past. Did you have a particular blouse or sweater which you loved? See if you can find that color. This also works for combining your personal style. Some people may love bold prints while others may wish to dress with more subtlety; it’s a matter of personal style so as long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

Dress for the Appropriate Occasion

There are different types of formal wear which should be worn according to the event you’re attending. It may be confusing at first to know which dresses are suitable for which events, but really, there’s just a few specific rules to keep in mind:

Wedding - In the old days, it used to be frowned upon to wear red, black or white to a wedding. Nowadays, red and black are fine but white is still a big no-no as it could be seen as trying to steal attention from the bride. When deciding which dress to choose, think of the invitation, season and hour of the event. The invitation can let you know their color scheme, the season can give you a hint as to long or short sleeves and hem, and the hour can let you know lighter (usually day) or darker (usually night) hues.

Cocktail Party - The most common type of dress to wear is the cocktail dress, of course. It’s for good reason. Most cocktail dresses combine elegance and sophistication with a more compact dress which is easier for moving around and sitting, as one might when mingling at a relaxed cocktail party. If you get one in black, it can serve as the little black dress which you can wear for years and years to come.

Black Tie Formal - Usually, black tie events call for floor-length gowns. These are the events where men will be in a suit and everyone is expected to dress their best. For ladies, make sure to wear sophisticated pieces. That means be aware of how much skin you’re showing and what the event setting is. Plunging V necklines are not always welcome.

White Tie Formal - White tie events are the fanciest you can get. Usually, not only do women wear floor-length gowns, but they may be required to wear gloves and an up-do as well. Make sure to check the clothing requirements when receiving this kind of invitation as entry can be quite strict.

Save on Price, Not Quality

At TheDressWarehouse, we have a wide variety of high-end formal gowns at major discounts. We only sell luxury and couture designers, so you can rest assured that any dress you buy will be of the highest quality and made with the finest attention to detail. Save on the price of our magnificent dresses without sacrificing any of the opulence of high-end design. Your perfect dress is waiting just one click away at TheDressWarehouse.

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