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Designer Dresses Under $100

A high-end designer dress for less than $100 may sound like an impossible ask, but the occasional jaw-dropping bargain can still be achieved at TheDressWarehouse. We do this by working with top designers to select items that have been overstocked, and acquiring them at great discounts so that we can then pass the savings on to you.

64% OFF
La Femme 25648

La Femme 25648CL Dress

64% OFF

With $100, it might be tempting to forget the entire idea of a high-end formal outfit, but before you head for a “fast fashion” store at the mall, browse our collection and we just might surprise you with a few lovely pieces. For the price of a nice pair of jeans or a handful of movie tickets, you can find, for example, short formal cocktail dresses designed by world-class designers.

The advantage with cocktail dresses is their versatility. In addition to just cocktail parties, they may be worn to proms, homecomings, weddings, work parties. If you find a cocktail dress that suits you, you’ll find yourself able to use it far more often than any other kind of formal wear, meaning your money stretches a lot further.

TheDressWarehouse is the only store where you can find designer dresses on sale all the time, including those which dip below the incredible $100 price point.

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