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Lara Dress Sale

Lara formal dresses stand out for their elaborate, rich use of pattern and texture. Crystals, appliques and complex beadwork create stunning embellishments on most of these gowns.
TheDressWarehouse’s marked down prices make Lara formal wear available to you at big discounts, allowing you to stretch your budget as you look out for that perfect dress for your special occasion.

Family Owned and Run for NYC

Lara is a family owned and run manufacturer of couture dresses from the garment district in New York City. Over the years, they’ve built a global brand with clients based in most major cities around the world. Now, people all over the world are choosing Lara gowns for their special occasions and events. Their mission is to provide timeless fashion for their client’s everyday needs, ranging from the perfect prom dress to the gorgeous dress for a night out.

Gowns for Every Event

Specializing in gowns for any semi-formal to formal occasion, Lara gowns range from cocktail dresses to mother-of-the-bride dresses to formal ball gowns. With such a range of styles, shapes and color palettes to choose from, Lara gowns are well-suited to any event such as a cocktail party, wedding, black tie event and even white tie event.

The Perfect Shape and Neckline

Not only do Lara dresses range across events, but they also come in many shape, colors and designs to fit your personal body shape and style. Overall, Lara gowns are handcrafted in intricate detail and hug to a woman’s frame. The most common color palettes in Lara’s repertoire are pastels such as light aqua, pale peach and light blue, as well as dark jewel tones like royal purple, ruby and emerald.

Lara dresses tend to favor sweetheart necklines because they are universally flattering to most body shapes and suitable for most events. Dresses are also available in long and short styles, which depends on the type of event you’re going for. Short dresses are often less informal, for cocktail parties or weddings, while long dresses are usually for black or white tie.

Due to the variety of Lara gowns, you can also easily find the right dress for your shape. For those looking to accentuate or give the illusion of curves, go for an hourglass shape. For those looking to balance a wider bust or shoulders, consider a mermaid or flute dress shape. If you’re looking to appear taller, Lara dresses in halter or long styles will help elongate your frame.

Lara gowns combine elegant designs with current trends, meaning that whichever gown you choose will be perfect not only today but into the future as well. For those of discerning taste who don’t want to spend more than necessary, discounted Lara gowns are the answer.

Buy Your Lara Gown on Clearance at TheDressWarehouse

TheDressWarehouse is the premier online marketplace for getting high-end designer dresses on sale. There is no other business that sells discounted designers all in one place. For instance, the Lara dresses on sale are all of extremely high quality and stunning craftsmanship. The Lara dress sale is the best opportunity to the find the next perfect piece for your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a gown which will fit your body like a glove, complement your shape and style and be timeless and high quality enough to last for years and years, then TheDressWarehouse is the perfect fit. Browse our collections today. Our staff would love to help you find the perfect piece for any occasion.

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