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You’ve been planning for your prom for months, or even years, and TheDressWarehouse is thrilled to be part of your world as you figure out what you will wear on one of the biggest nights of your life.

These high end designer pieces are available at marked down prices, meaning you can find a top quality prom dress much cheaper here than at other retailers. Check out what’s on offer, and be dazzled at the range of styles.

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Jovani 50881 White/Black

Jovani 50881 Dress

84% OFF

You want to look your best, which means you need to choose an outfit that suits your figure. If you’re not used to formal wear, you may want to choose something that’s appropriate for the occasion, but still reflects your sense of style and allows your personality to shine through.

Because you’ll probably be dancing, you would be wise to choose an outfit that’s comfortable and allows you freedom to move.

Do you want to look sophisticated or quirky, demure or flirty? TheDressWarehouse carries prom fashions from some of the world’s leading designers at cheap prices. You will find a vast range of choices available, with outfits that capture the current hot trends in prom wear. Long, formal evening gowns, short dresses, or even pant suits: there will be something that catches your fancy.

Choosing the Right Prom Dress at a Sale Price

Choosing your prom dress is a huge decision to make, and it’s wise to allow yourself plenty of time. Ideally, you should begin thinking seriously about your prom dress several months in advance. Check out fashion or celebrity magazines, and make a note of what strikes you.

Think about your body shape and what kind of silhouette and style would be most flattering to you. If you have a well-defined waistline, for example, you’ll be able to wear take advantage of this by wearing a body-skimming, mermaid-style dress or A-line silhouette. If your figure is more box-shaped, look instead for A-line dresses or gowns with empire-waists, or try a well-fitted corset-style bodice to give your waist definition.

If your tummy is an area you would like to hide or camouflage, an empire-line waist or wraparound style will be your most flattering look. Look online for more tips and advice on how to dress for your shape.

Meanwhile, decide what your budget is going to be, since this will have a major impact on your choices. Once again, the earlier you figure out your budget, the better, so that you and your parents can begin saving up. As you figure out your budget, don’t forget to factor in all the additional things you’ll need for your prom look: shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair styling, underclothes, and whatever other beauty treatments or accessories you plan on getting.

When you’ve got a good idea of the dress silhouette that you want, you can begin to shop around to see what’s out there that fits your criteria of style and budget.

Coordinating Your Dress with Your Date

If you’ve got a prom date, it can be fun to coordinate your dress with what they’ll be wearing. When you’ve chosen what you’re going to wear, there are a few different ways you can match your outfits. You can make it as subtle or as blatant as you like. Choose exactly what aspects of your look you will be coordinating. The simplest and most obvious choice would be to match the color of your gown with their accessories, such as a tie, socks, cummerbund, or even with flowers. Alternatively, you could decide to match an accent or secondary color from your dress.

A more subtle way to coordinate your look would be to match up your accessories. You could follow a theme of jewelry and cufflinks or even coordinate your shoes.

Wide Variety of High-End Prom Dresses at Major Discounts

As you track down your perfect prom outfit, don’t forget to check out our collection at TheDressWarehouse. You’ll find a huge variety of options to choose from. We have every conceivable silhouette, color and style in a range of sizes. All our prom dresses are designed by high-end designers, meaning that you’ll find nothing but the best quality here.

Designer Prom Gowns on Clearance at TheDressWarehouse

Our massive range of designer dresses means that you have a much higher chance of finding a dress that suits you and that matches your personal style. Our prom outfits are available at huge discounts, meaning your prom budget will stretch a lot further here. Start your search now and browse our collection.

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