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Specializing in formal wear for proms, evening wear, pageant and homecoming events, Terani’s dresses are known for their elegance and flair.
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Terani 1823E7353

Terani 1823E7353 Dress

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A lengthy catalog of celebrities agree and have chosen Terani pieces to wear at movie premieres, awards ceremonies and A-list industry parties. Sarah Farooqui of Lost and Iron Man 3, Real Housewife Lydia McLaughlin, Days of Our Lives star Camila Banus, Karina Smirnoff of Dancing With the Stars and Danielle Vasinova of MacGyver are just a few of the celebrities who have worn Terani outfits.

Looking through the pieces in this couture house, it’s not hard to recognize why Terani pieces make regular appearances at Hollywood events. The beautiful and luxurious gowns flatter the female form with A line, column and fishtailed silhouettes.

Each Terani gown will often incorporate a key attention-grabbing element which will be balanced or contrasted with the other features. The result is harmony, clean lines and striking silhouettes. It might be a sweeping A-line skirt with a long train set against a simple, halter-neck bodice, or dramatic pouffed sleeves complementing a sleek, body-skimming mermaid-shaped skirt, or an extravagantly beaded long-sleeved top over a satin-smooth skirt.

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About the Designers and Their Dress Style

Terani Couture’s unique designs are rafted to follow the hottest fashion trends and can be seen quite often on fashion shows in New York City, LA, or Milan. Each dress is made of superior-quality fabrics containing organic cotton and silk. Because of the organic materials it is made from, each article is absolutely safe to ware, the risk of an allergic reaction having been reduced to zero. Terani dresses are so comfortable that they feel like your second skin.

What Type of Events Are Terani Couture Dresses Best For?

Terani Couture dresses are suitable for a wide variety of festive occasions, from prom and beauty pageants to weddings and business parties.

Speaking of prom dresses, black seems to be the color of the event this year, but models in red are also quite popular among high school fashion divas. Gold-embellished prom dresses are for the rebels for whom wearing a backless, floor-length gown isn’t enough. If these models appeal to you, remember to use minimum accessories. Let the dress shine on its own.

Terani also has models for semi-formal events – cocktails, theme parties such as the 1920s, and Christmas Black Tie, where a woman can give her creativity free rein by combining different colors and fashion accessories. To stand out from the crowd on these occasions, you should pick one of their short and elegant dresses.

Terrani Couture gowns are suitable for red carpet events, where women shine in breathtaking floor-length evening gowns. Some of them choose quite revealing models, well complemented with elbow-length gloves.

Choosing the Right Terani Couture Dress for Your Shape

Keep loving your body! Terani Couture has models suitable for all curves and body shapes. Still, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, women with large busts should generally avoid wearing backless dresses, because backless bras do not offer enough support.

If your body is more pear-shaped, you should look for models that accentuate the torso. You can choose one with a deep V-neck and combine it with some dazzling jewelry.

For women who aren’t that tall, there are Terani models that create an illusion of height. Fashion gurus advise to choose a tight-fitting gown with a slight thigh slit to elongate your silhouette.

Why shop at TheDressWarehouse?

Having highlighted the most popular Terani Couture dresses this year, it’s time to answer the logical question of where one can buy them. TheDressWarehouse is one of the best online dealers of Terani Couture dresses.

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